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Nice Apollo 224V-RC Photo Eye with Hood - Reflective (33' range) (For 1500 - 1600 Operators Only 635/636 Boards)


This retro reflective sensor features a 33 ft range and includes a reflector and mounting bracket. Typical applications include using the sensor as a safety sensor for garage doors or outdoor gates, as an overhead door security sensor, an industrial automation to detect small objects on a manufacturing line, an entry detection system for store fronts, an assistant in measuring parking distance, and as an alarm sensor.


Reflector Sensor
Mounting Bracket
For 1500 - 1600 Operators 635/636 Boards ONLY

Sensing range adjustable potentiometer (optional)
PC casing, anti fog / dew / rains
IP-55 Water Proof
UL-325 Compliant
Square/ Round Shape reflector selectable
Wrap around mounting bracket
Input Volt.: 12-30V DC/AC 60 Hz
2 LED indicators for power and beam alignment