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Exit Probe


This is a three-wire, self-contained system with no external board to install. Simply hook up wires to security or home automation panel (TRIP INPUT) or directly to gate operator. This unit comes with 100' of attached cable.


System Description:

♦ Covers 12 foot wide driveway when buried beside driveway
♦ Single-zone system
♦ Fully self-contained system—no external circuit board to install
♦ Exceptionally Solar friendly!
♦ Lowest stand-by current in the industry
♦ Voltage: DC only
♦ Normally no earth grounding required
♦ RFI/EMF protected
♦ 3-Wire
♦ Long field life and reliable electronics


System Components:

♦ This is a fully self-contained system offering a relay closure. No outboard devices required.
♦ Probe comes with 100' direct burial cable attached


System Application:

♦ Provides a relay closure when hooked up directly to the TRIP INPUT on home automation panel or security panel. (Additional Equipment not Included)
♦ Provides a trigger to activate gate operators.